Event Guidelines

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt is happy to allow your organization to hold a public reading of Chris Van Allsburg’s award-winning book, The Polar Express. We ask simply that you abide by the following conditions.

First, we expect the public reading to be either a non-commercial event, or an event to promote the sale of the book, such as a reading at a bookstore, library or classroom. You may charge a small fee for attendance, but the fee must be used solely either to cover your costs or else donated to a charity benefiting children. You may reproduce the cover of the book to promote your event, but we ask that you not alter the cover in any way.

Second, we ask that you place the following copyright notice on any print or electronic materials you prepare to promote the event:  Copyright © 1985 by Chris Van Allsburg. All rights reserved.

If you wish to hold a commercial public reading of The Polar Express or include a public reading of The Polar Express in any venue or as part of any event other than a bookstore, library or classroom reading, such as a reading in connection with a train ride or other entertainment, you must seek advance written permission from Houghton Mifflin Harcourt or its licensees. Please contact Ron Hussey, Director of Permissions, Ron.Hussey@hmhco.com with your request, and please include all specifics including proposed date, time and venue.